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TV Madness: Bay Yanlış Bölüm 3 Review

Genre: Rom - Com | Channel: Fox Türkiye | Director: Deniz Yorulmazer
 Starring: Can YamanÖzge Gürel

Summary (source: IMDB)

Ezgi and Özgür, who last fought and canceled the deal, are shocked when they learn that they will work together. Ozan, who witnesses these moments, does not know what to do. It is very important for Ozan to work with Ezgi, even though he talks to Özgür and tries to fix the situation it's unsuccessful. Meanwhile, a second shock awaits Ezgi. In the face of this incident, Ezgi questions herself and thinks she act wrong with Özgür. She wants to fix her relationship with Özgür. Ezgi's wish to come to the wedding makes Özgür happy. Both are prepared to set out to play a game, unaware of what will happen to them.
Oh this was such a fun episode, guys! Full of shenanigans, awesome banter, Ezgi and Özgür being an awesome team, as well as some drama. Let's dive right in, because there's a lot to talk about.

Bölüm 3 starts off exactly how the 2nd one ended, with Ezgi and Özgür finding out that they are actually now supposed to work together. But because this is Ezgi and Özgür we're talking about here, of course their fight continues. Each of them wonder how in the world can they bump into each other so many times, while poor Ozan, Özgür's best friend and business partner, watches a bit scared and entertained. At some point Ozan decides to just nope out of there, leaving the two crazy people fight it out, in what he hopes will turn out to be a hand shake. Of course it doesn't. I do believe Ozan should have known better than to hope for a positive ending.

Now... At this point my least favorite scene happens. Because Ezgi goes to visit her cousin, Cansu, at her work place, which just happens to be the same hospital Serdar works at. She tries to visit Serdar, but she sees her ex boyfriend and his fiance getting out of Serdar's office. This has Ezgi doing some questionable things, including getting drunk (again) and calling her ex to ask him why he was willing to marry his current girlfriend but not her. Here's the thing. I understand Ezgi's desire for a husband and kids, but she strikes me as someone who doesn't actually love herself. I just wish she would learn to love herself before trying to devote herself to a husband and kids. And this entire sequence, the talk she has with her cousin, her crying because she isn't getting the guy, her drunk dial and conversation with her idiot ex...I absolutely hated it. Girl, love yourself first.

Guys! I'm a sucker for a hero taking care of the heroine when she's not feeling good, or she's sick. This happens here. Because Özgür comes home with a girl, but upon seeing Ezgi slumped over in front of his apartment door, clearly drunk, and running a fever, he sends the girl home and proceeds to take care of Ezgi. He does it all while complaining a little bit, because the girl is not a pretty drunk, she keeps screaming at him, she won't let him check to get the keys to her apartment, she throws up in the lobby, and then falls asleep while she's wearing her wet clothes. Because of course it started raining when she was outside. So the poor guy is trying really hard to not lose patience, but also takes care of her, which was super sweet.

The next day, Ezgi realizes that she made a mistake in not holding her end of the bargain and go with Özgür a day earlier to his sister's wedding preparations, and goes and apologizes. Which I liked, because in all fairness, she did mess up when she told him no.

Source: IMDB
Finally Ezgi and Özgür go on their roadtrip. On the way to Özgür's parents' house however they meet with Ezgi's mom and stepdad, which means they have to lie to her family as well about being together. The glee on Özgür's face when he realized he was meeting her mom had me rolling on the floor with laughter. That was probably my favorite funny scene. I loved seeing Özgür with Ezgi's mom. She was over the top with her enthusiasm, and she was probably already planning their wedding in her head, and while Özgür was giddy about seeing Ezgi in that situation, he wasn't mean or rude. He took it all with a smile on his face, and made her family feel like he truly cares about their daughter. (Spoiler alert: he probably already does, but he's unwilling to admit it)

After they have lunch with her family, they go back on the road, and finally arrive at their destination. Not only do they meet with Özgür's mom and sister, but unfortunately for everyone his aunt crashes the party. This prompts Özgür to find a way to get away from that woman, who... I mean I assume she means well, but BOY is she exhausting. I don't think she took a proper breath while talking. 

Özgür decides that they need to be as far away as humanly possibly from the house, so he takes her on a boat trip. They finally decide to talk about what their story is going to be, and the episode ends with them in the water, about to kiss. They better kiss, people! 

Now. I want to point out how once again the difference between the "wrong guy" vs the "right guy" is subtly shown here, most importantly from the female characters' perspectives. Cansu and Deniz, Ezgi's besties, are convinced that Özgür is the very definition of "mr wrong". While Deniz sees through the mask that Cansu's boyfriend, Levent, is showing everyone, Cansu is completely blinded y her love. Özgür is seen as mr wrong because he's a womanizer, he likes to party, and he's not ashamed of hiding his true nature. Levent, however, is seen in a positive light because he has the right job, the right clothes, and that blinds Cansu, even though he totally refuses to introduce her to his daughter. If that isn't a red flag right there, I don't know what is. I also doubt Levent would have cared for a drunk and sick Cansu, but maybe that's just me.

Last but not least, I hate Deniz's attitude towards Ozan with all my heart. I hope she has a wake up call soon, because she's being mean and standoffish without having a real reason for it. I'm not saying she should pay him attention just because he's interested in her, but she's being a bit aggressive without having a reason for it, especially since she's agreed to be the lawyer for his new project. 

All in all, I truly enjoyed this episode, and I am very excited to see what happens next. The first trailer is already out if you want to check it out on YouTube, and there's at least one more coming next week before the new episode airs.

Let's talk. Are you watching this show? What was your favorite part of this episode?

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